summer week targasonne 2-11 july

what is the summer week like?

During the summer week we travel to a boulderspot in the mountains of either the Alps or the Pyrenees. This year, our destination is Targasonne in the French Pyrenees. Targasonne is home to a huge amount of boulders at every level. On top of that, you can go rafting, canoeing, make hut to hut tours, climb mountains or go visit Andorra.

Decentrally organised

Other than the regular UBoulder trips the summer week is decentrally organised. This mean that you’ll determine your own schedule and you organize your own transport, tent, food, etc. However, the UBoulder board will take care of your reservation at campground La Griole and we’ll make sure there’s UBoulder crashpads available for rent.

To cater to our carless members, the board also made reservations for one 9-person minivan. The van leaves at 2 or 3 July early in the morning and will make the haul to Targasonne in one day. The costs of traveling by van will be around €96-110, excluding fuel and toll. We expect fuel prices to be around €50 per person. You can register for the van-programme below.

For those who want to travel by train: the international train station of Puigcerdà is only 16 minutes driving removed from the campground. We’re sure you can find some friendly member willing to pick you up.

Do you have extra space in your car? Please consider taking a UBoulder member or an extra crashpad on board for extra karma points. This way, we can all make the trip.

For questions you can mail to outdoor@uboulder.nl or simply send a WhatsApp message to +316-28728501.



With the end of the pandemic in sight, we’ve gone ahead and planned the bouldering trips for this spring and summer.

Of course only UBoulder members can join us on a bouldering trip. Are you not a member, but would you like to come along?

Travel insurance

Having a valid travel insurance that covers bouldering is compulsory for any trip UBoulder organises.

Check our Travel insurance page to be sure you can safely come along.

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