Volunteers are the hands that carry UBoulder. It is nice to notice that members are enthusiastic about their club and want to contribute.

A club works differently compared to a company. Within a company, work done is compensated by salary. In a club, work done is not compensated monetarily. Why would you do volunteer work? At UBoulder we realise that we have to offer something else. Apart from appraisal and keeping the club that you care about alive, we want to support volunteers in their growth. There is room for your ideas, we look at courses and help connect people both inside the club and outside the club.

We have a conversation with potential volunteers to discover what they want to do and can do. For sensitive functions such as board membership or trainers we order a VOG via the club. VOGs are ordered in consultation with the volunteer and are refreshed every 3 years. Also read our complete volunteers policy.

Do you also want to do something for UBoulder? Sign up and we will contact you shortly.


Unfortunately, Astrid is going to leave our cozy Activities Committee to travel the world. And in the meantime, UBoulder has grown rapidly, whereby the activities committee could also do with a bit more! So we are looking for new members for the nicest committee of UBoulder!!

As an activity committee, we try to meet once every 2 weeks. Before this we have a nice meal together. During the meetings, we pick up new ideas and update each other on the status of ongoing activities. We work together to set up all kinds of fun connecting activities for the members of UBoulder.

What we have organized: Halloween Cocktail Course, Sinterklaas Bouldering with dice games and candy packages, multiple game nights, various boulder hall tour stops, a super fancy gala dinner, a whole weekend full of activities and much more!

Are you also excited about this? Do you have any fun ideas to add to this list? Do you have a lot of energy to share with us? Register now quickly via the form below on this webpage, and tell us all about your best idea for a new activity and your motivation. If you have any questions, please send a private message to Henk at this number: +31 6 20705191.

Do you know useful cooperations for UBoulder? Can you fix a good deal for printing clothes, or maybe a cooperation with a physiotherapist? We are looking for someone who wants to help start this branch.

Do you know your way around social media or plain promotion in the real world? How can we reach more people and promote UBoulder? For example by using Facebook, Instagram, online advertisements, media publications, clothing line, sport events and mailing campaigns. We are looking for someone who wants to help start this branch.

How can we reach more people and promote UBoulder? We have a huge Google Search Ads budget at our disposal that we need to get rid of every month. Are you a Google Ads expert or do you have  background in marketing and can you learn Google Ads on your own? Your help is very welcome!

Would you like some WordPress skills? Are you into automatization of climbing trips or activities? Then take on the UBoulder website and be the motor of the club!

Who are our members and what is our target audience? As members committee you think about revealing what our members need and how we can recruit members. Tasks include doing surveys, setting up promotional activities and welcoming new members.

Indicate what function you would like to practise. This can also be a description. Open vacancies are also allowed!