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Chairman Profile Picture

Thomas Aalbers, chairman

Hi, I’m Thomas and chairman of the best club called UBoulder! I arrange deals and contact with externals (such as your favorite bouldering gym) and I am responsible for keeping the club together. In my day-to-day life I am a programmer and sports climbing instructor (boo!) and in my free time I enjoy a variety of sports and games.

I’m very much looking forward to all the boulder trips we’ve got in store and to boulder together with you! So hit me up in the bouldering gym for some gezelligheid or send me an email! See you soon!


Jelmer van Nuss, vice versa chairman

¡Hola! For now, my name is still Jelmer. At other clubs I’m known under different nicknames. I’m a programmer and you can nerd out about all things data science and machine learning-like with me. I like doing (outdoor) sports such as surfing, running, yoga, swimming, pole fitness, rock climbing and since about 5 years bouldering as well.

In UBoulder I’m the vice-versa-chairman, I arrange tasks to be done that the rest of the board members don’t get to do and I help out where it is needed. My main interest is organisational structure, volunteers, partnerships, marketing and looking for growth opportunities, both inside and outside the club.
For nickname suggestions or just some chatter you can always speak to me in person or send me an email!

Update: in the meantime I’m called, amongst other things, Louis.


Sara Remijnse, treasuress

Hallo! Ik ben Sara Remijnse jullie penningjuffrouw! Ik ben werktuigbouwkundige en goudsmid en om dit nog verder uit te breiden begin ik dit jaar aan de opleiding tot radiodiagnostisch laborant.

Ik heb veel interesse in techniek en de menselijke gezondheid. Daarnaast ben ik ook goed met cijfertjes en zal  ik voor zorgen voor de financiële gezondheid van UBoulder.


Ik hoop dat we veel van elkaar zullen zien komend jaar! Zowel tijdens bouldertrainingen en weekendjes, maar ook in allerlei leuke sociale activiteiten.


Flavius Ivan, secretary

Hi! My name is Flavius, I’m an electro-mechanical engineer by training, a soft skills trainer by heart, and since recently also the secretary of UBoulder. When I was a kid in Romania my favorite sport was climbing in trees. When I moved to Belgium people looked at me weird for that so I had to stop. It isn’t until 5 years ago that I discovered that if you attach yourself to a rope and you’re in a special room people then find it normal to climb on walls, so I started doing that for a while. Two years ago I moved to Utrecht and discovered bouldering – no rope required. You can even do it outdoor! Pretty much the closest I could find.

As the secretary of UBoulder I’m responsible for the monthly newsletter, administration of the members on our website, and more broadly communication within the organization. Looking forward to meeting you on one of our trainings or trips to come!


Lonneke Goossens, Commissioner Indoor

Hoi allemaal! Ik ben Lonneke en begin dit jaar alweer aan het laatste jaar van mijn master Business Informatics. Na het beoefenen van een diversiteit aan sporten heeft het boulderen mij nu helemaal veroverd. Na het beleven van ook een aantal buitenboulderweekenden in Frankrijk, Duitsland en Spanje het afgelopen jaar was ik al helemaal om!

Voor de extra bouldergains houd ik me als commissaris Indoor bezig met trainingen en wedstrijden. Door al die trainingen hoop ik dat er dit jaar steeds meer UBoulder shirtjes op de wedstrijden verschijnen. Tot in de klimhal!


Kees gort, Commissioner Outdoor

My name is Kees Gort, but my friends call me Kees. I’m a marketeer and freelance photographer. When I’m not at work I usually hang out in the local boulder gyms. 

As commissioner Outdoor I organize bouldertrips to the magical forest of Fontainebleau and the skin scraping boulders in the volcanic Eifel.

I hope that UBoulder will become a place where new and experienced climbers will meet each other to train together, party together and enjoy all the amazing boulders the European continent has to offer!