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Bart foto

Bart Scholten, chairman

Hi, I’m Bart Scholten. At the moment of writing this, I’m 28 years old and the chairman of UBoulder. I grew up in the Achterhoek (near Doetinchem), but you can’t hear that in my accent (in Dutch). I studied communications, first in Groningen, then in Utrecht. Now I work as a communications advisor for the municipality of Utrecht. 

As chairman of UBoulder I aim to put the best bouldering association in the Netherlands on the map. I’m the person to talk to for people from outside the association. And internally I’m working on connecting members to UBoulder, structure and good communication. I want the whole board to be close to the members. So don’t hesitate to send me a text, talk to me in Sterk or mail to voorzitter@uboulder.nl

And if you don’t want to talk about the association, but just want to chat, I’m always up for that. A few of my favourite subjects are food, dogs, films and Formula 1. But whatever you’re talking about, I’ll likely talk with you anyway. 


Jillis Schokking, vice versa chairman

Four years ago I discovered bouldering. As a physicist I enjoy the problem solving aspect of the sport very much. I discovered UBoulder when it was around one year old. Since then I’ve enjoyed the boulder trips, adventures and activities and its incredible community. You’ll find me participating in most events. My goal is to continue to build, and improve our association even more. Apart from being on the board, I’m also a trainer. Usually on Sundays, where it is my pleasure to induce a copious amount of muscle aches to all. Next to bouldering and physics I’m occupied with aikido, sailing, dancing salsa and bachata and tinkering with my 3D printer.

Are you curious about our association or its commissions? Or do you have a crazy idea? Let’s chat, I’m in! After the Sunday training you’ll find me enjoying a cup of tea near the bar. Otherwise you can reach me at:


Jillis foto

Dennis van Uden, treasurer

Hi there, my name is written above . At the moment that I am writing this piece I’m still 27 years old, but when you read it, I will most likely have aged another year. This year I’m the treasurer of UBoulder. My earlier years were spent up in Wijchen (next to Nijmegen, next to.. nevermind, somewhere in The Netherlands). After finishing my finance studies I moved to Utrecht, closer to my current employer where I work as a debt advisory consultant.

Next to bouldering I truly love being outdoors, specifically when it concerns lead climbing or mountaineering. My goal is to go on way more trips to get to know more things and gain more experience in the field. Who will join me?

In my role as treasurer I am the first point of contact for pretty much everything financially related. Next to that I want to spend this year getting to know our members better and to try to match our organizations offering and services more closely to your wishes and expectations. Do you have suggestions, or would you like to exchange ideas on how we can make UBoulder better for you and for other people? Let’s go bouldering and talk about it over a drink. Send me a whatsapp or mail me on:


Irene van Dijk, secretary

Since I (Irene, lovely to meet you) discovered the bouldering sport three years ago, I found a passion. Today you can find me two or three times a week hopping around in the bouldering gym.

Besides bouldering, I love dancing the salsa, growing tomatoes in my vegetable garden or going for drinks with friends or flatmates. For years my dream has been to travel the world for unlimited time (start in September 2023). So, if you have any tips for must-visits, let me know! 😊

As a secretary I take care of the administration, I write the monthly newsletter and answer emails. Besides this I act as in-house translator for UBoulder members at the French bakery in Fontainebleau (finally making good use of my studies in French language).


Gijs Uijterwijk, Commissioner Indoor

Hey Hello! I am Gijs. Just as cheerful for all of 20 springs. I am currently studying structural engineering in Arnhem, but Utrecht (just like Uboulder) will remain my home.
In addition, you can regularly find me in boulder hall Sterk where I train the youth to become boulder stars.
I am always excited for games, outings with UBoulder or a spontaneous activity in or around the Boulderhal.
In terms of my board function, you can always contact me for fun ideas in the boulder hall. See you in the hall!


Pepijn foto

Pepijn Lamers, Commissioner Indoor

Hey, I’m Pepijn. I was vice-versa chairman last year, but now I’ll be continuing my board role as indoor, together with Gijs. I love cooking, bouldering, and all kinds of nerdy activities like board games. I have a decent amount of training experience these days and lots of contacts in the world of bouldering, and with that I hope to elevate UBoulder’s training program and competitions!

If you have any cool ideas about anything that has something to do with indoor bouldering, be sure to send me a message on whatsapp, or poke me when I’m in the gym bouldering!


Rolf Tonckens, Commissioner Outdoor

Bonjour, hola, ciao, moi! I am Rolf and, as you might have guessed, the new outdoor guy of UBoulder. As your new tripsitter I will make sure we’ll have a year of, if possible, even more fun trips to foreign big stones. On which we Dutch unfortunately depend upon, because you can’t climb on those in Drenthe.

To compensate for my adrenaline boosting boulder life, I am by day a policy officer at the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Besides that, as a biologist, I enjoy exploring some nature by hiking, biking, swimming or crawling to spot some flowers and bees. I hope to see you all next year on one of the trips!

Auf wiedersehen,