Are you looking to meet other members, find new climbing buddies and hang out with friends? Join UBuddy!

UBuddy is UBoulder’s introduction course. Experienced members (mentors) help new members integrate by bouldering together and doing fun activities. There are many groups you can join, each bouldering on different days and gyms. 

It is not mandatory to get together every single week, but because you know everyone is free on the same day, it’s really easy to schedule something fun! This could be climbing related, but could also be a game night, or drinks at your local cat cafe.

In addition to having these activities, you will also receive your first drink for free with every monthly get-together at Sterk as an active UBuddy member! This is the perfect opportunity to get to know non-UBuddies too! As a member of Uboulder

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The role of the group heads is to make sure there’s a fun and light-hearted atmosphere, and members get accustomed to the way UBoulder works. It is not their responsibility to organize all the get-togethers (it’s everyones responsibility, you get out what you put in!). They help organize activities, answer questions and get people hyped for general UBoulder activities!

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If you have any questions, be sure to send a message to the vice-versa-chairman!