Confidential referral advisor

At UBoulder we practise an open and friendly culture. Unfortunately, unwanted behaviour such as bullying, threats or sexual intimidation can occur. While we prefer to solve problems mutually and with each other, this isn’t always possible, for whatever reason.

We take your problems seriously. For the not so easily discussed situations confidential referral advisors (CRA) are at the ready for you. An CRA is the contact point for everyone with questions about unwanted behaviour within the club. An CRA offers a listening ear, gives advice and refers to appropriate help.

An CRA comes into contact with confidential information. We desire our members to not only respect each other, but especially the CRA’s because of their vulnerable function.

More information is available about the role of a CRA and the protocol Sociaal Veilige Sportomgeving.
Our CRA’s are trained via SportUtrecht.

Please note: a confidential referral advisor is different than a confidential advisor. An CRA only judges the situation and refers to a confidential advisor if necessary.

Report a situation

Which confidential referral advisor do you want to look at your situation? With no preference all appointed CRA's can review your case. With a preference only that CRA will handle your case. The other CRA's have no knowledge of this.