We as UBoulder are good at maintaining a club where both bouldering together and seriously are a central theme. But we can’t do everything ourselves. Cooperations with companies that can deliver materials like crashpads, clothing and climbing shoes, or services like training and physiotherapy, or financial support are important to us.

In return for your contribution we can promote your service amongst our members and other partners. We are up for your logo on our website or clothing, space in our news letter or social media to tell your story, or a joint event.

As sponsor we keep you up to date about everything in the club via the UBoulder news letter. Regularly we will evaluate the sponsorship and check whether everything is still satisfied. Yearly we organise a sponsor-thank-day where we want to tell all our sponsors about what we have done with their sponsorship.

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We as UBoulder undertake a lot and we like to talk about it. We are open to new ideas and help think quickly. Please contact us if you see a possibility for cooperation.

Our partners


Physiotherapy – Book appointment at FysioFabriek

Injured UBoulder members can be referred to the climbing physiotherapist FysioFabriek. You can book an appointment online.