At UBoulder we choose to not make running of the club and the success of the club a responsibility of only the board. We hope that everyone, member and non-member, can contribute.
We share our goals so everyone knows what is on our mind and so everyone can contribute in their own way.

Every quarter we have 3 goals that contribute to the quarterly theme. Every goal has 3 levels (bronze, silver and gold). If we reach a level 3x, we may treat ourselves to the celebration of that level.

Q2 2021 april-june

Theme: Board members change and engaged members

Candy bag at the ALV
Champagne at the ALV
Secret gadget at ALV

ALL Board member positions filled 21/22

All board member positions for UBoulder in year 21-22 are filled.

Tip: Are you or do you know the perfect person to be a board member? Apply now!

Board knowledge Transfer

Candidate board members function independently

Tip: Ask a board member about his/her functions.

Engaged Members

Providing bonding and interaction among members.

Tip: Keep an eye on the newsletter and app group and join the fun outings of UBoulder!