At UBoulder we choose to not make running of the club and the success of the club a responsibility of only the board. We hope that everyone, member and non-member, can contribute.
We share our goals so everyone knows what is on our mind and so everyone can contribute in their own way.

Every quarter we have 3 goals that contribute to the quarterly theme. Every goal has 3 levels (bronze, silver and gold). If we reach a level 3x, we may treat ourselves to the celebration of that level.

Q1 2020 January-March

Theme: Member recruitment and Organisation structure

Cake at training
Cake at training + prosecco at gala dinner
Cake at training + prosecco at gala dinner + extra course at gala dinner

Member count


Amount of members in database with completely filled out profile and paid contribution for the current year.

Familiarity with policy

Do our members know how the club works and what we stand for.

Active new Members

At activity within 1 month

Percentage of the new members from December-January-February that are present at a training or an activity within 30 days.