There is no course planned at the moment!

At Bouldering gym Energiehaven

We were serious. We went strong.
Now even more so.

The trainings on Sunday evening in Sterk have been held for quite some time now and members can participate in them whenever they want. Such a non-committal training without consequences whether you’re there or not is of course nice for some.

For climbers that are looking for methodological training, those who want to get their flash grade closer to their top grade, and above all want better (competition) results there is Flash Gains. You’re welcome starting from grade 6a.

During this course you’ll encounter:

  • Training schedules
  • Theory lessons
  • Hangboard sessions and
  • Training of specific muscle groups

Along with your muscles we’ll work just as hard on your mental game and technique. We make a personal profile about your climbing style and adjust the trainings accordingly.

We ask for a high/full availability so that we can optimally channel your progress. In every session we work on different techniques, and build on the previous ones.

Are you looking for consistency? Do you want to go hard?
Starting 4 September you can train every Friday evening 20:00-22:00 for 10 weeks in bouldering gym Energiehaven.
Because of personal guidance in the small group there is a limited amount of spots available. While stock lasts.

In case of too many applications we will look at motivations during the selection that will have to be made. You will know at the latest on 28 August whether you’re welcome to participate.
Not chosen? Don’t worry, there will probably be another edition. Otherwise you’ll always have the Sunday evening training.

Are you ready for this?

Yeah, I'm ready!

Welk niveau onsight jij gemiddeld genomen?
Welk niveau project jij gemiddeld genomen?
Waarom moeten wij van jou een beest maken? Wat zijn je ambities, je problemen, je vaardigheden?
Voor het stimuleren van groepsgevoel en ook je eigen groei verwachten wij een hoge beschikbaarheid van jou. De eerste training is verplicht, omdat wij hier de basis leggen voor de trainingsreeks.