Trip Rules

1. Travel insurance

It is mandatory to have travel insurance that covers bouldering accidents. Without this insurance, UBoulder members cannot join our trips. If this is the case, UBoulder can still charge costs for the full trip.

2. Canceling

Members can cancel their climbing trip up to 28 days in advance. After this term, members have to find a replacement or UBoulder can charge costs proportionate to the financial impact of the cancellation.

3. Adhere to local laws

Members have to adhere to local laws. This means that it’s illegal to bring drugs or soft-drugs on any trips abroad. For drinking alcohol, members also have to adhere to local laws. On top of that, it’s forbidden to use or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while in the van or car or during climbing.

4. Traffic fines

If, for whatever reason, UBoulder gets a traffic fine, the driver of the vehicle will be fully responsible. The driver can, in agreement with his peers, split the cost of the ticket with the other occupants of the vehicle.

5. Damage to a rental vehicle

In case of damage to a rented vehicle, the driver has to pay €50,- of the own risk. The rest of the costs will split amongst the occupants of the vehicle, unless the board of UBoulder decides otherwise. The own risk is set at a maximum of €275 per incident. In case of multiple incidents, the Outdoor commissioner will cover 50% of the extra damage, unless the board of UBoulder decides otherwise.

6. Reimbursement for private vehicles

Whomever brings a private vehicle to a UBoulder trip, will get reimbursed €0,04 per kilometer. The costs for reimbursements are shared with all the other members on the trip. The owner of the vehicle has to add these costs themselves to the Wie Betaalt Wat (see Expenses). Lease cars are an exception to this rule as the proprietor doesn’t have any maintenance or running costs. Another exception is the summer week. This trip is decentrally organized and standard reimbursement rules do not apply.

7. Damage to a private vehicle

In case of damage to a volunteered vehicle, the board of UBoulder will look for a fitting solution. The board will take into account the direct responsibility of the driver, an external party, and regular wear patterns.

8. Groceries

The Outdoor commissioner randomly picks participants who will have to do groceries for the climbing trip. You can find more information in the info mail before the climbing trip.

9. Picking up and returning the rental van

The commissioner randomly picks participants with a valid driving license who will have to pick up and bring back the rental van. More information will be in the info mail leading up to the trip.

10. Baking cakes

Participants that do not have any tasks assigned to them are free to bake a cake for the trip. There will be no compensation for this, except for brownie points.

11. Expenses

Expenses for the climbing trip will be evenly shared with other members on the trip. You’re required to keep track of your expenses and fill them in on Wie Betaalt Wat. Make sure to keep the receipt or bank statement of your expenses. Personal purchases and expenses will not be reimbursed.