Trip Rules

1. Accident insurance

It is mandatory to have travel insurance which covers boulder-accidents. Members who do not have travel insurance cannot join trips. The full expenses for the trip may nevertheless be charged (see cancellation policy). You can find more information regarding insurance under insurance.

2. Cancellation policy

Registration and admission means that you join the trip. Keep your agenda ready whenever you register to a UBoulder trip. The person canceling can do so free of charge if cancellation occurs at least a month before the trip. 

If you cancel within 1 month before the trip you will be placed on a cancellation list. As soon as another member registers for the trip this person will take your spot. If not you will have to pay for the already made costs on your behalf up to the point of your cancellation. For the cancellation list a first cancel first serve rule applies, even if you find a replacement yourself. For example, someone who is the third person to cancel for a trip finds a replacement. This means the number one on the cancellation list goes off the list and the persons who found a replacement takes the second spot on the list. 

The travel commission has the right to cancel the trip due to bad weather, to few participants or logistical problems. If the trip is annulled because of adverse weather, UBoulder may charge all participants with the costs already incurred. Cancellation due to bad weather will be announced 48 hours before departure.

3. Alcohol and drugs

Drivers may forbid participants to enter their vehicle if they carry substances which are illegal in the country of destination, or any of the countries which are passed on the way there. It is furthermore prohibited to use drugs or  consume alcohol in the vehicle during the ride. This applies also to passengers and within vehicles owned by the driver.

4. Traffic fines

On receival, for whatever reason, of a traffic fine, it is the duty of the driver to pay these costs. He/she may, after consultation, share the costs with the other passengers of the vehicle. The same applies to parking fines. 

5. Damage during the ride

Whenever the bus incurs damage during the ride, it is up to the driver ro pay €50,- from his/her own risk. The remainder will be shared equally between all members of the trip, unless the driver decides otherwise. In every case, the personal risk will amount to a maximum of €275,-. The Outdoor commissary will compensate for 50% of additional incidents, unless the board decides otherwise.

6. Compensation private transport

Anyone who brings in their own vehicle for a trip organized by UBoulder will receive an expense allowance of €0.04 per kilometer. Like all other expenses, this fee is settled in Splitter (see below under payment, expenses & settlement)

Based on the calculated number of kilometers, the reimbursement is standardized for the three most common destinations:

Fontainebleau: €48,-

Glees: €24,-

Avalonia: €18,-

Prior to the trip, the travel committee explicitly informs the participants who is entitled to an expense allowance. The principle here is that the vehicle brought in is available for the outward and return journey for the transport of additional persons or material from UBoulder and that these persons or this material cannot be transported by any other means. No compensation will be paid during the summer week. This is due to the decentralized nature of the journey.

7. Damage to private vehicles

When damage is caused to a private car, a suitable solution is looked for per incident. We’ll look whether the damage is the direct responsibility of the driver, an external party or simple wear and tear. The rest of the damage will be shared by all participants of the trip in question, unless the board decides otherwise.

8. Distribution of tasks

For the successful course of a trip, it is important that every participant takes on tasks. These tasks range from shopping, picking up a rented car or bus, cooking, washing dishes and whatever else the travel committee deems necessary.

Prior to the trip, the travel committee distributes tasks among the participants. Participants are required to perform these tasks. If a member refuses to perform a task without a valid reason, the travel committee has the right at all times to deny this member participation in the current, and future trips. If this decision is made less than a month before departure of the trip, (extra) costs incurred may be recovered from the member (see ‘Cancellation policy’).

9. Deposit, Expenses & Settlement

When registering for the trip, UBoulder has the right to demand a deposit. This deposit is commensurate with the financial obligations that UBoulder expects to enter into during the organization of the trip (eg advance for accommodation, payment of vehicle rental). Anyone who has not made a deposit a week before departure may be refused at the start of the trip. Costs already incurred and non-refundable will be recovered from the member (see ‘Cancellation & cancellation’).

Expenses incurred for the benefit of the trip are shared by all participants of the trip. Expenses must be kept up to date via Who Pays What. Participants may declare the down payment for the trip via WieBetaaltWat at UBoulder.

The WieBetaaltWat is only intended for declaring strictly necessary expenses incurred for the purpose of the trip. It is therefore prohibited to set off private expenses or mutual debts in the WieBetaaltWat. Furthermore, it is forbidden for participants to change already declared expenses of other participants, to withdraw from expenses or to settle the list. Only the travel committee may do this. Doubts about the correctness of declared expenses should be discussed with the travel committee.