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Hah, you did open it again. This edition has a special theme: secrets, cliffhangers, clickbait and great reveals. Did everyone survive Halloween? Who is that Maaike-person who asks for money but has never been spotted on a bouldering trip before? Is the only thing we're going to do making cocktails, or are we still bouldering?

Even I am getting thrilled now, even though I know what is coming next. Quickly read on...


- Nice and big on your screen. Now you can't say you missed it. - 

UBoulderhal Tour

Here we are again! This time with a UBoulderhal Tour! From december 2019 we are busy with organising tours to different boulder gyms in the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands. The sky is the limit! We are very enthusiastic about the bouldering gym tour however, we start close by home at Kei Boulderhal in Amersfoort. The date is 15 December and we are travelling by train. We meet at 12:00 at Utrecht Central by the piano. For whom who are not going by train, be around 13:00 at Kei. The address of Kei is:

Soesterweg 314, 3812 BH Amersfoort

The climbing starts at 13:00 and goes on until 16:00 and after that there is the possibility to drink something in Amersfoort. This is all on own account.

Signing up for the first stop on the Boulderhal Tourbus can be done via this link.
We are looking forward to see you there!

- Lot, Henk, Joy and Jelmer are responsible for all amusement as activities committee. - 

Every sunday evening, between 19:00 and 21:00, one of our lovely UBoulder trainers hosts our training at bouldergym Sterk. During these trainings a multitude of skills get honed, including strength, power, route reading, footwork and many more. It’s THE way to meet your fellow UBoulder members, prepare for your climbing trips for upcoming spring or just to simply get your bouldering to the next level. Check the link down below for more information about the UBoulder training. If you can’t get enough of our training, there is also a link included that takes you to the UBoulder library, where you can find all kinds of different bouldering exercises. At the moment the library is only in Dutch, but we’ll get around to translating it soon enough! Happy training!

Message from your favorite Treasuress


Bank bureaucracy and checks made us wait for the bank account and contributions. The banks wanted to be sure we won’t funnel money to some faraway bouldering paradise in Timbuktu. We closed most deals now and the time for contributions has started. In the meantime, we have even already received 30 payments (out of 35 members) via Tikkie! Many thanks to all who paid quickly, it’s making my Treasuress heart race <3


- This is how Maaike looks like. Maybe soon in a bouldering gym near you. - 

A part of the money is already used well. Several declarations have piled up in the months leading to the ownership of our bank account. For example for materials for the awesome bouldering weekends. We have been able to repay our debts due to your help! Your money is also used to pay our fixed costs and activities.
We’re discussing direct debits with the bank. This enables us to automatically collect contribution every year, so you don’t have to manually pay.
Even as a Treasuress, there’s much to do in a sports club. I love to see the club start growing in all senses, but especially the finances.

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to pay the contribution (€40,-) to our bank account NL37ABNA0861043286 or by clicking the Tikkie-image.

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Retrospection on Halloween
Or, a Study on the Effect of Alcohol on the Human Body
By Jelmer (the one of the activities committtee)

Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the University of Magic Potions and Breweries I would like to congratulate all those who have received their diploma.
What a legendary night it was. The turnup was higher than expected and the organization looks back on a successful evening.  For those who missed it, oh boy you missed a big one!

I have made a summary of the flashbacks that I still have. I do expect that wherever you are and whoever is around you, you read this OUT LOUD, even in the silent parts of the train.

- The amount of swallowed cocktails still reasonable here. - 

Halloween 2019

Decorated room, a can with spider web that was immediately banned.  Soup that is almost finished. Ladies who get rid of the upper part of their costume within 10 minutes. Empty bottle of rituals. 15 baguettes. 5 liters of spirits.  "I'm not going to drink too much, I have to be at work tomorrow at 10 am". A broken glass. A micro volcano that smokes. Sjoerd. A first drug joints. Didn't we banish that little spider web can? Face painted faces. Fucking big pan of soup!  Recipes printed on magic paper. 15 baguettes. Bucket. Crazy dances. A broken glass. Meeting new members. Another drug joint. 40 magic cocktails. Just gonna close my eyes while I’m standing on the balcony. Another broken glass. Fifteen baguettes (!).  bags with ice cubes, a hammer, a tea towel, crushed ice. "I haven't seen Tjerk in a while". Be careful with that container because if it falls over it will stick forever. Jelmers seeing double. The great idea to climb tomorrow at 10 am. Kees put your pants back on. Shake it till you make it. We don't care what was in the script put on your pants!

🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞, an epic group picture, three crates of beer, two bottles of wine. "He passed out ?!", Bolognese chips. "I live on the other side of the street". Homemade jars with candles in it. Shira wasn’t there. Cheese and Onion chips. A lot of dirty dishes.  Drunk people. "I will easily catch that last train". What should we do with all those baguettes? This black vodka stinks! Tired. Bike. Sleep. Hangover.

Like I said it was an evening to remember!  Next time at your place. A big thank you goes out of course to everyone who showed up in a costume and an extra shout out to Ewald and Kees who made their living room available and cleaned up the mess. If you have a good idea after this party, leave it on our UBoulder idea box.

Just a clickbait to the photos.
If you see This You are also Halloween Fan: 10 Reasons for Cocktails on Halloween

Last chance NSKB
This year our hometown Utrecht has the privilege to host the NSKB 2019. The NSKB roughly translates to the Dutch Student Bouldering Competition. Specially built for this event, thirty new boulders can be found in bouldergym Sterk spanning a multitude of grades. Are you a student? Then this is your chance to join us at Sterk on the 23th of november, between 12:00 & 17:00, to score as many points as you can and represent UBoulder on that sweet, sweet podium spot. Quickly sign up in the link down below, because the deadline is near! Signing up is required for access, so don’t forget it! You can sign up via clicking the picture

Image result for nskb

Well that was it. Bye.

With bouldering regards,
Ewald van Dael

Secretary - UBoulder

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